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Faux Cloisonné Gala Center Piece
Applying glazes to our Fine Foils


Metal Surface
10 Sheets of Fine Foils
Elmer's Glue-all
Stencil Brush
Burnt Umber Acrylic Paint
Glazing Medium
Fine Paint Brush
Water based gloss varnish
Fibers and Other embellishments


Step 1
Start with a surface, like this metal fish, and our Fine Foils, which come in purple, red, gold, baby blue, royal blue, and teal.

Step 2

Crumple the Fine Foils in your hand, smooth out, and tear into quarter size pieces.  The more irregular the shape the better.  Apply glue to the silver side of the Fine Foils.



Step 3
Apply Fine Foils with your fingers, overlapping foil pieces, and smooth onto surface.  You can use a stencil brush to pouch the foils into the crevices. Let dry overnight.


Step 4
While your box is drying, paint a coordinating color onto your large and small knobs. The knobs will go on the bottom of the box as feet and the top as a handle.  Let dry between coats.  Once dry apply two coats of water based gloss varnish.

Step 5
You now have a beautiful foiled metallic fish.  You can leave it plain, or faux finish!


Step 6 Mix one part of Burnt Umber acrylic paint with three parts of Gloss Glazing Medium, I prefer Golden or Liquitex.

Step 7
Brush your Burnt Umber glazing color onto your foiled fish, wipe off surface with a paper towel, leaving the dark glazing medium in the crevices for a stain like finish, let dry.

Step 8
You can apply two coats of the glazing medium for a darker effect, drying between coats.  Apply two coats of varnish with a soft brush, dry between coats.

Step 9
Embellish with rhinestones, glitter, yarn, and any other mixed medium pieces.  I put my fish in a center piece.  This is a great way to recycle items.

























































































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