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Faux Painted Wood Beads
New Techniques with Trans Maxx transfer medium
*Easy as 1-2-3! 
  *Quick, dries on most surfaces within 1 hour!

Supplies Needed:
Most of these supplies can be purchased at you local craft, and stamp stores.

Tissue Papers, mini image section
or images of your choice, printed on toner based copier or a laserjet printer
Large wood beads, these are 1 inch oval
White Pearl paint
Paint brush
Tranx Maxx
Varnish - I prefer triple thick by delta
All purpose sealer - I like Delta
Beads, beading wire, end caps, clasp






1) Lightly sand and seal your wood beads, let dry.

2) Paint with three coats white paint, let dry between coats.

3) While paint is drying pick out your images. Apply two heavy coats of Tranx Maxx to front of image, let dry between coats.

4) Cut out your images cutting as close to the image as possible.

5) Apply water to back of image (not the side you applied the Tranx Maxx), let sit for 5 minutes, apply more water, let sit for a couple of minutes. Carefully remove paper from Tranx Maxx side of image. You now have your image encased in Tranx Maxx. No paper! Your image may appear milky, because it is still wet, but will dry crystal clear.

6) Wet your image slightly, apply Tranx Maxx to back of image and "glue" onto bead, your image is very flexible, smooth onto surface. Let dry.

7) Apply two coats of triple thick varnish to your bead, drying between coats.

8) Find large metal endcaps that will fit your beads and glue on with Tranx Maxx.

9) String your beads and attach clasp.

                                                        Your beads will look hand painted!!

Step 3                        Step 4                Step 5                            Step 5                Step 6                Step 6

























Trans Maxx
All Purpose Transfer Medium
Item# DSP301

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Works great with our Tissue Decoupage Papers, and on all laser images!
Apply to Wood, Metal, Glass, Polymer Clay, Fabric, and more!











































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