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Wonderland Glass Plate
Tranx Maxx
All Purpose Transfer Medium

    *Easy as 1-2-3! *Quick, dries on most surfaces within 1 hour!

Supplies Needed:
Most of these supplies can be purchased at you local craft, and stamp stores.

Glass Plate
Kitchen Sponge, cut into small pieces
Tranx-Maxx, Transfer Medium
Acrylic Metallic Paint
Tissue Decoupage Papers -Alice in Wonderland Series





Clean you plate with soap and water, dry well.

Cut your images.  Working one image at a time.  Apply 2 to 3 coats of Tranx Maxx to front of image, let dry between coats. This seals the image and makes it ready for transferring.

Dip your paper image in water and blot dry, this makes it more bendable around corners and uneven  surfaces, it also helps lessen wrinkles and bubbles you get when applying any adhesive to paper.  Apply one coat of  Tranx Maxx to front of image and glass plate.

Immediately, while surface and image is still wet with Tranx Maxx, put image side up on to your glass plate.  Press gently with your fingers removing any wrinkles or bubbles, or burnish with a old credit card.  Clean excess from around image with a damp sponge.  Let dry.  Most surfaces dry within 1 hour.

Wet, do not soak, back of image with water.  Let sit for 10 minutes.  When you can see the image through the paper, it is ready to remove.  If working with Polymer Clay, you can apply image to baked or unbaked clay.

Peel paper from the back of image.  Let Dry.  To make image more durable paint with one or more coats of Tranx Max, this will seal the image. 


You can leave your plate as it is, it will have a translucent quality and will show any color you put up against it.  I like finishing my plates with a metallic background.  Paint with your favorite metallic paint, I used a metallic paint mixed with a little Tranx Maxx to help the paint adhere to the glass.  You can also use an enamel craft paint or mica powders/paints mixed with a glass medium.  Tranx Max fully cures in three days. 








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Tranx Max - 4oz

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Works great with our Tissue Decoupage Papers, and on all laser images!
Apply to Wood, Metal, Glass, Polymer Clay, Fabric, and more!











































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