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Introducing Tranx Maxx!
The Multi Purpose Transfer Medium!
Easy as 1-2-3!

Works great with our Original Tissue Decoupage paper


Metallic Purple Roses
Tranx Maxx with our Vintage Roses

Workshop Schedule
Textile Sculpting - April 27th

Terra Cotta - April 17th
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Tranx Maxx on Art Board

Tranx Maxx on Fabric

Tranx Maxx on Style Stones (resin)

Tranx Maxx on Polymer Clay Tranx Maxx under Glass Tranx Maxx on Wood

Want a beautiful metallic shine
through your images?

With our new Tranx Maxx you can achieve just that.  Coat your surface with your favorite metallic paint.  Let dry.  Apply your image using Tranx Maxx, select the bracelet for complete instructions on using Tranx Maxx.  Tranx Maxx leaves all your toner on the surface and no paper so that the color underneath comes through the image.  Check out the beautiful bracelet to the left.  Whenever I wear it, everyone wants to know, how did you do that?
Who knew!


Tranx Maxx for all your copy and Laserjet images!
Tranx Maxx works on most surfaces, wood, paper, terra cotta, glass, clay, metal, and more!
Tranx Maxx for decoupage, collage, altered art, mixed media and all your art projects!

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  Tranx Maxx on Surfaces

Tranx Maxx 

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How to Use Tranx Maxx   

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