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This month we are going to look at a altered art scrapbook.
Techniques 101

Most of these products can be found at your local craft store, stamp store, or home decor store.


Whew! is that enough!
Let these techniques inspire your creativity to mix your decoupage knowledge with stenciling, stamping, scrapbooks, altered art, and general crafts.  Explore different surfaces to decoupage.   How about a refrigerator, an old TV., wood cabinet, a pair of sneakers, or the backside of linoleum for a table cloth.  The possibilities are endless.


This was a cheap fabric scrapbook that I didn't want to get rid of.  So I recycled it

Here is what the finished product looks like.

Step 1:  Paint the fabric surface with Stiffy Fabric Stiffener.  It seals the fabric,  makes the nap lay down so you have a smooth surface to work with, and allows you to stamp directly onto the surface my making it less porous.   Don't get the book too wet or it will buckle.

Step 2:  Once the Stiffy Stuff was dry, mixed acrylic paint with a little Siffy Stuff and sponged on three different colors. I used light pink, purple, and magenta.

Step 3:  Once you have your base, let he fun begin.  Prepare your charms.  Paint the charms with a mix of Sophisticated Finishes (gold) and metallic powders (purple) let dry.  This gives the ink holding power.  Spray alcohol based ink (Ranger has as wide range of alcohol inks) on a Styrofoam plate and brushed it over the charm, wiping off the top for a staining effect, leave in the crevices, when dry seal with a water based high gloss sealer. For extra color you can use sharpies, color on parts of the charms like leaves and roses, wipe with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Step 4:  Prepared the clear cabochons.  Cut our Tissue Decoupage Papers in a circle and apply glue to the front and adhered it to the cabochon.  Be careful not to get glue on the top of the cabochon it will become cloudy.  Once dry, apply glue to the back of the cabochon and arranged on scrapbook.

Step 5:  String seed beads on a wire, and brush staz-on ink on them to change the color to purple.  And glue them around the clear cabochons.

Step 6:  Used our Tissue Decoupage Blanks and stamp purple staz-on ink with a "word stamp". Decoupage the paper on the scrapbook.   Decoupage your cuts out, brush purpled staz-on lightly over the entire project.  When dry, set with Krylon matte spray, covering the cabochons to prevent the spray making them cloudy.  Brush a high gloss varnish on the book cover, let dry. Step 7:  Once the scrapbook is complete, stamp words, stars and other simple motifs directly on to the scrapbook using your purple staz-on ink.  Apply your fibers and rhinestones.  I always glitz my final project.  Enjoy your artwork. 

   Decoupage & Crafts Newsletter - September 2006